French and Japanese, cultures that shape Chef Tariq’s cuisine.

Fleurette reflects his training in some of the world’s finest kitchens in Paris and Tokyo, serving classically rooted modern French cuisine with Japanese influences.

Every dish at Fleurette tells a story of an ingredient, person or place. The elegant tasting menus are a showcase of each season’s bounty, with top-notch ingredients coaxed into sublime creations.


Located at 204 Rangoon Road, in an unassuming neighbourhood just beyond the city centre. Purposefully set apart from the crowd.

A dark wood counter anchors Fleurette, bridging the distance between guests and chefs; a nod to the warm, Japanese style of reciprocative dining.

Intimate table seating with a view of the kitchen.
A sweep of the hidden door easily converts the space into a private dining room.

The spirit of Fleurette is conveyed in a rose motif, a flower that holds special meaning to Chef Tariq. In the dining room, it is expressed in seasonal botanical arrangements crafted by The Humid House